Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Childish Virtues...

My childish virtues lead me to believe in me, while neglecting us, all of our possibilities to do more with what were worth (what are we worth?) this flesh that consumes me also fools me to believe in me and not in us

My childish virtues have me questioning you asking what is us, or who are us and could us lead to we please don't poke fun at me (there i go believing in me) i can hold on to nothing forever but holding on to something just makes me lose it because i have never been good at hide and seek. My feelings are on my sleeve with no place to hide and i never know what i'm looking for so no need to seek since people change in the back of my mind i feel you have no need for me.

My childish virtues don't mean to hurt you they just don't know any better there childish endeavorers can't grasp the concept of Forever. I hope not to come off as looking for something better cause I could find the lost city of Atlantis and the people would envy the fact they never had this, I could have gold but compared to you its plastic, I could experience a series of extra ordinary events but compared to our meeting there average.

My childish virtues want to become an adult so i can have you teach me how to part ways with my childish virtues.