Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Heal Your Abandonment Issues

i got 99 problem but a bitch aint one....

  1. Identify and heal the earlier experiences that underlie your issues (often child abandonment).

  2. Identify your beliefs, feelings, and unmet needs that formed in connection with those earlier experiences.

  3. Build the new, life-enhancing, coherent beliefs, feelings, and needs that will bring you inner power and deep, lasting growth.

  4. Create a "shift" in your energy field from the old to the new. This requires more than the usual "talking/thinking?understanding/problem solving" of the left brain.

  5. Become empowered by WHO YOU ARE. Connect with your genuine power and potential. Know that change is possible. Shift what you resonate with. I do this all day, every day. It is so very do-able~! "Simple but not easy" as the saying goes, unless you know how, of course.

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