Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apology of a young mother with love on her doorstep

I heard you lover saying all the things I dreamed of hearing saying all my tears turned in to a stream that formed a river for you to sail to me  thanking God for my tears cause they helped you see through infernos showing you that it's me you shouldn't let go.
 I hear you baby maybe it's my mind but I fear you baby not like a  monster but like a promise I can't keep to be honest it's just me
I can't help it I need all of me to give to my daughter and yes I'm selfish see I've tried fairy tales and they all failed.
Its difficult to think of intertwining our lives I'm the mother of someone else's child do you want that in a wife?  You should share your first with someone who deserves you someone who could serve you unconditionally someone whose going through there first too. 
See I've made my bed and I will lay in it take every chances I can to play in it. I apologize for being average I apologize but I will not allow you to carry my baggage.
I made these choices  and there's no other way I'll have it.

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