Saturday, June 9, 2012

For What Its Worth

I’m selfish, envy, relentless, cold
I’m embers burning melted gold formless mold me endless hold me?
But not too tight.
I’m careless worry, untold stories of retroactive time, lost memoirs of retrograde minds.
I’m broken patterns chosen to form something better Indomitable and cleaver.
Strong minded cause I know better.
I’m empty, pitiful, physical and hypercritical
Im aphoristically inclined look ahead and not behind told these things take time
But who has time?
So for what its worth
im pundit and hurt
lazy and work
 I’m lost and I’m gain
 I’m proud and ashamed
 done things that I hold blame.
So what is it worth really? If no one else hears me or see’s me remember I’m only you’re not watching TV. So I’m ungrateful and stingy fallacious when need be sexual and needy did I say sexual  I meant highly intellectual self-conscious and greedy.
So please don’t fault me.

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