Friday, April 27, 2012

One Way Train…

At 2am it began to rain so I packed my bags full of all my shame
They said there’s a new lease on life so I signed my name blurred
Eyes with enlarged veins yeah I packed my bags full of all my shame

Went to that station holding all my rage wrote down my fears then
Threw away the page got back that key to what was once my cage nose
Running wet remembering that phase so I left that station leaving all my rage

Got my ticket that read for the unseen misfits who never did shit closed my eyelids
So my ears could listen got the classifieds saw my soul was listed like I’d been enlisted
Not to make a difference just to be there vision looked up at the sky to plead for
Forgiveness for admittance for remembrance of who I am Who I could have been
Then the train stopped… 

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