Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thin Line (Fact&Fiction)

Doors make reality seem a bit less real, except for realist who run from feelings because fact is feelings don't exist .There are just a working in your mind to freeze you temporally in time like photographs, but photographs won't stop the time that must pass like bodies decaying to fertilize the grass no one remembers but they embrace.See cause even in a puddle of water you can catch a glimpse of your face misplaced or misguided the past isn't for rewriting or hiding.Feelings from run who realist for except, real less bit a seem reality make doors...
Reality makes doors with imaginary keys and hearts make homes with imaginary lease so whats real? And children fight wars with imaginary beast so whose killed? Imagination trumped by fiction which turns to lies for infinite wisdom which no one holds so what's the difference?

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