Friday, April 27, 2012

Titles...The unwed Mother

Titles have been on my mind a lot lately maybe because as you get older who you want to be and who you are going to be aren't always the same thing. See I have always wanted to be wife & mother but who am I?  I am mother & lover I use the term lover simply to say that I still love the idea the concept that one day (most likely in the far off future) I to will find the illusive "HE". As of right now its me being mom which in many of the eyes if those on the outside looking in its me being "baby mama" I no longer care honestly because I know when this little girl looks at me she's not thinking "oh what a shame another unwed young mother" or "that's such and such baby mama". No she's thinking that's my mom or i need my diaper changed lol the idea of finding your "soulmate" being married having kids and living happily ever after is a beautiful one but it is not the only idea.Was it something I wanted sure it was I don't think anyone sets out to be baby mama but even if they do thats their happiness not anyone elses. I keep seeing we need more weddings the baby showers sure maybe we do but then again all you might be doing is raising the divorce rates.I just have a difficult time processing the judgement placed on the unwed parent so you're saying because we fell out of love before we got married and produced a kid we're horrible people? or we would be more respectable if we would have gotten married had a child and then fell out of love and got a divorce? oh I get it now...I'm not knocking marriage cause it's a beautiful thing but so it child barring even if it not the "convectional" way that's all I am saying because as sad as it sounds a baby doesn't mean the love is forever but honestly neither does marriage. 

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