Thursday, September 23, 2010

Burn It Down

Walking stranded no need in moving love thoughts, hopeless no need in doing.

(burn it)

Sitting waiting for nothing somethings in the distance running nowhere

But away from everything taunted by kisses and wedding rings synopsis of broken dreams, sleep doesn't visit anymore.

(burn it)

over powered by cowards with jewelry and flowers, sanity is pure but purity is clarity and honesty is tragedy when everything is reality.

(burn it)

Whores are treated like a masterpiece anything good is ruined and all the smart is stupid welcome to the world

(burn it)

tables consistently turning evolution of man, do for your self elevation of hand (only human)

the most under rated statement “human” the mind is a cage that stops one from greatness

(burn it)

who needs greatness when Jesus was forsaken, millions question resurrection but believe in reality T.V. Steps over Gods natural creations but marvel at big screens.

superficial facades of man made Gods, superhero's from broken glass can still cut deep praying for the day it scabs but you'll always have the scars...

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