Saturday, September 25, 2010

Can't Compete...

you blow glades forcing everything else to fade, foggy now seeing every time you hit the ground but you can’t feel it. Takes away worry but it won’t heal it, childish reprehensible emotions that would drive you mad now your just coastin’. The high life what everyone seems to be looking for while leaving insecurities and those who need you by the door, a temporary change taking everything that makes you king but you say it’s not mind altering. The back of my mind searching time cause lord knows I cant lose you but I do when you inhale wonder if one day I could be the metaphorical medical marijuana you live for So i could put you at ease while curing you, knowing our connection is spiritual let you fall asleep inside me cause when two soul’s intertwine there’s no greater high to reach but if I’m asking to much just stop me. To elevate the sober mind takes time since were looking for forever i don’t think time would mind much light one for us inhale slowly showing me into your psyche cause you could always spark it up and forget me…so I can’t compete.

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