Friday, September 24, 2010

The Show

Step right up to watch the freaks lets make them dance not let them speak.

Bravo! Bravo! You've all been fooled manipulated and degraded but hey who pays any mind to the fact that you're desensitized to the times No I'm not here to purge or prime since the shows amazing entrancing engaging you're just a puppet dancing and playing... MARIONETT oh lets not forget freewill so who hold your strings? WOW you don't only dance you also sing aren't you just a well rounded nothing. Lets grab our popcorn and watch the tides turn for the worst since the show has just begun no Oscars or accolade for this one just depression and false renegades manufactured to be played for new generations to appraise. Lets watch the show in anticipations or change the channel for for our offspring's elevation since men are burglarized and women are dehumanized we really shouldn't compromise Encore Encore the crowd goes wild for the same man who degrade women and neglects his child its all a show its all for show and you're just viewer here to watch your not a doer so who cares if a women get famous by letting dogs do her or she becomes brainless cause manipulation screwed he No No No never you mind as long as she's light skin or has a nice behind she should be fine Right? Lights camera action turn to the stage its not them but you in there place Dance Monkey Dance its a trance honey a trance have you ever been told everything that's glitters isn't gold but it's okay its all a SHOW...

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