Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goodnight Moon

my little bit of light when I journey through the night cause the days are morbid sunrise met sunset creating a feeling of despise that one gets when they know they have won yet. Now the sun won't rise and the set forgets time so your the only one here to lead the blind and were all walking sideways moving at the speed of sound I wonder if the antelopes graze do the lay in the bosom of truth or is lethargic nature proof that they could never be put to use? Do we like sunrise or sunset? The feeling things haven't begun yet or is the other one the knowledge that things are close to done? Moon help me is it healthy to carry on this vendetta is alright to let go of sunlight forever and never wish for things better? Were just asking cause the grass grows it photosynthesis and without sun it's broken sentences but if the grass bath to long the sun would diminish it! SUNRISE or SUNSET SUNRISE or SUNSET? I don't know moon is it the parts of me that wants to move soon or is it the reserved her who thinks everything out till it's all true? Its like sunrise tells a million lies of promises but sunset shows me there's things I haven't finished yet so moon you get me at my best ...

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